Advising with Drones and Specialized Projects in Industry 4.0

Drones Consultancies

Advice aimed at optimizing the operation of plants and processes, such as the use of drones in the industry. Multiple inspections and work together to detect failures, optimize performance and reduce costs of your company.

Specialized projects
in Industry 4.0

Upgrade your facilities to the new technologies of Industry 4.0 and take the industry to a new level, being able to monitor equipment and components in the facilities from a virtual database, allowing workers to see a 3D image of the facilities , with the ease of identifying equipment, accessing their data sheets, maintenance periods, remaining time of useful life, costs, components and other tools that facilitate tasks to planning departments.



At our headquarters, new innovative methodologies and cutting-edge technologies focused on safety and the mining industry are developed, for this reason we have a research area of technology development according to the new industry 4.0, additionally we will have an area specialized in improve management systems (international standard ISO BIM), in areas of industry, architecture and construction.

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