Technological Inspections and Security with Drones

Aerial and ground inspection services, according to the client's need. They are made through the new CERAF safety methodology "inspections that protect life". This has as a direct consequence, which is a reduction of social and economic costs associated with fatal accidents, using what is indicated in the D.S. Nº110, D.S. Nº594, D. Nº132, 16744 law.


Terrain Mapping

  • Photogrammetry     

  • Generation of 3D modeling of terrain and structures     

  • Calculations of volumes and land area

Type of general inspection:

  • General and monitoring Inspection     

  • High voltage     

  • Thermography and PV plants     

  • Wind farm     

  • Cconfined spaces         

  • Specialized air drone         

  • Terrestrial drone


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